Our Mission

~4% of high school basketball players (male & female) go on to play at the university level. We are committed to helping student-athletes be a part of that 4%.

Meet The Founders

We founded Four Percent Hoops with the goal of guiding male and female high school and Juco basketball players through the complicated journey of being recruited to play at the university level. With hard work, grit, and determination, we became part of the 4%. We received athletic scholarships and played at Humboldt State University. We also joined the 89% of NCAA student-athletes who successfully earn college degrees.

However, our journey was not without obstacles. It is through our shared experience of navigating the college recruitment process, the nuances of athletic eligibility and academic requirements, effectively managing player-coach-team dynamics, battling through injuries, and a host of other psychological and physical challenges that come with playing competitive sports, that Four Percent Hoops was born.

We identified a need for a resource for basketball student-athletes to learn the on and off the court X’s and O’s of playing basketball at the collegiate level. Who better to teach this information than someone who has already “been there and done that”?

Who’s got next? Are you ready to join the 4%?